Introducing The Mini-Five-Speed

At long last, I have some purses to post on my Etsy page.  I present to you The Mini-Five-Speed Clutch in two designs: “Cornrows” and “Funtun”. Thanks to my friend V. for naming this purse.  I am the absolute worst at naming my products.

About the purse: The clutch is tiny (hence the Mini). It is 100% soft buttery leather and measures 5″ x 9″ and it is absolutely perfect for stowing your essentials for a night on the town, or to use as a wallet. It also features a colorful vintage fabric lining on the inside.

About the surface design. I printed this clutch in 2 designs, “Cornrows” and “Funtun”.  Cornrows reminds me of the intricate plaited hairstyles I wore as a kid in Nigeria, and “Funtun” is an interpolation of the adinkra symbol “Funtunfunefu Denkyemfunefu”.

I love these purses, and hope you do too.  So go check it out!

The Mini-Five-Speed - Cornrows

The Mini-Five-Speed - Funtun

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