Viva la screen printing, and Viva la re-use!

As I mentioned in a previous post I’ve been attempting to print in repeat.  I picked one of my favorite original  patterns to try …with disastrous results.  This design was difficult to put together even on the computer, and so it follows that it would be my first attempt at printing in repeat. Of course…why would I try an easy design? Pffft!  This design (that I call ‘Kidneys’) is a loose reworking of the Adinkra symbol Hye Won Nye, which is a symbol of endurance and strength.

Try as I might I just couldn’t get the repeats to line up. Not only did the prints not line up, my screen was not prepped well as it should have been.

I have now decided in the mean time to continue perfecting my single/random placement prints instead of tight fitting repeats.

I figured since I’ve already ruined this piece of fabric, why not go all the way and use it as a trial run for the lumbar pillows I’m designing? That way if I make a mistake, at least I haven’t wasted yet another piece of material. So I tried out the pillow.  And you know what? Not only did the pillow come out great, the print doesn’t look half bad on it!

By the way, the fabric for the pillow/print came from some old blackout blinds left in our house by the previous owners. I don’t particularly care for blackout blinds because I love light in my home.  I like everything bright and cheerful.  (Mr. AfroMartha says the previous owners must have been vampires because they made the inside of the house as dark as possible.) Anywhoo, I took the blinds down shortly after we moved in but didn’t get rid of them because I just knew it would be good for something.  The fabric is nice and sturdy and was in great shape.  Pillows!  Of course! And printed on, oh my! Suddenly I feel like Fraulein Maria in the ‘The Sound of Music”. Now we just need to go skipping through the meadows, pillows in hand.

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2 thoughts on “Viva la screen printing, and Viva la re-use!

  1. claviticus says:

    dude these are dope!!! are you selling them? if so when we move to our next place I want pillows made my afromartha!!!!

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