ReUse your jars and bottles…with style.

I tend to collect used jars and bottles, especially spaghetti jars. I feel that they just have so much life still left in them.    They can be used to store a multitude of things. While I like to reuse and recycle, I stop short of hoarding.

Whenever I repurpose these jars I always look for a way make them a little more stylish.  I have been using my jars to store beans and other grains in my pantry and have used different labeling ideas.  I never really cared for just plain old sticking a label on the jar.

I decided to use my Silhouette cutter to actually cut the letters out (for those who don’t know what the Silhouette cutter is, read all about it in my post here or go to the machine’s website for more info here).  A bit tedious, yes, but fun.  And as you can see, the results are absolutely smashing!  It sort of just ties everything together and make the pantry look even more organized than it really is. The second picture shows a bottle of sparkling pink lemonade repurposed to hold filtered water in the fridge for those hot months.

The lesson here is, look at what you have and see what other purpose it might have before just throwing it out.

Spaghetti jars holding beans/grains, bottle of filtered water.

sparkling grapefruit lemonade bottle repurposed for water with vinyl labels.

2 thoughts on “ReUse your jars and bottles…with style.

  1. VintageVamp says:

    Another great idea. I’m so glad I found your blog (by way of Ana White’s). I love spaghetti jars too, and what an ingenious use for them. Great for all those bagged grains and pasta products. Love it!

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