Knock this off: Storage Headboard

Well it’s springtime, and I’m in full home decor/rearrange mode again.  I had been wanting to get to work on our Master Bedroom, and had a few projects and dilemmas lined up.  As you may know, with home projects one project often-times depends on another.  For instance, I had planned on rearranging the room but we planned on laying down laminate floors, so it would be pointless to move everything around just to move it all out again.  This is a project we had planned on doing since last March.  We had the supplies, but since we were doing it DIY style, we had to do it when we could.  Well, we finally got around to the floors this past weekend.  We spent all day Saturday laying down the flooring and now I can move on to the other projects, yay me!  I’m still sore all over, but the floors look smashing, and it totally changes the mood of the room!

One of the major dilemmas for the room had to do with the positioning of the bed.  The geniuses who installed the duct work thought the lone vent in the room would be perfect in the most logical place the bed!  (Gotta love old homes and all the retrofitting involved). Since we have a king sized bed, this poses a problem.  I didn’t really think it would be the best move to heat/cool just under our bed!  As an added dilemma, there is no space for beside tables on which to place books/magazines, lamps, a glass of water, etc.   Since The Man refuses to downsize to a queen or full, I had to find a creative solution. I have mulled this over for the past few months, but I believe I have found the right solution!

Enter the Bookcase headboard! I knew I would have to build some kind of shelf behind the headboard, and I came up with a few ideas, but I think this is by far the best.  I saw this on, and I can’t wait to get it done.  I already have 2 small Ikea bookshelves (Flarke, discontinued, damn!).  They are a bit short, so I think I will build a box base to raise them up so that we can use more of the shelves. I will also make a headboard to go across the bottom part of the bookshelves so that we are not bumping our heads agains the shelves.  I will post pics when the project is done.

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